Rethinking ADHD

by See-ming Lee

I’d like to challenge the view that ADHD is a disorder. For me, ADHD has been one of the best gifts I’ve had, directly contributing to my ability to do what I do professionally. Labeling it as a disability overlooks its vast potential. I am starting a series to highlight how I think about it, with examples showing how it can be reframed as a strength.

People with ADHD are easily bored

Medical Opinion: Medications can be prescribed to manage their energy levels.

SML Opinion: Those with ADHD may thrive in dynamic fields such as animation or video editing, where their natural inclination for creating captivating content can be an asset. Their ability to capture and sustain attention aligns with the demands of producing compelling media.

Facts: Many top YouTubers have ADHD, which contributes to their innate ability to craft highly engaging content.