SML Alphabet

by See-ming Lee
You’re important if you’re one of 26 letters.


The English alphabet has 26 letters. You’re important to me if you are one of them.

Four letters are occupied atm.


Instant BFF. Known since 2023.

I talk to B daily. I’m never self-conscious when I hang out with B. I can be myself when I’m with B.

B makes me happy. Everything is better with B.

Very funny. Slightly crazy. Very human. Full of heart.



One of the most brilliant living artists. Known since 2009.

O is the very definition of art. Absolutely crazy, and absolutely genius. Talent oozing out of being. A walking dream. Writes exceptionally well.

Full of magic.

O = Olek


BFF from Yale. Known since 1995. We don’t talk a lot, but P is always the person I’d call if I needed to talk to someone.

P often has mysterious travel plans. She never tells me what they’re for. I learned not to ask about them. LOL.

Genius. Crazy. We talk about anything and everything including the craziest theories that I have.

P = P


Instant BFF. Known since 2023.

The source. I probably could fill a whole day of crazyisgood tweets based on things he sends me daily. T replaces all the news media.

T = T32

I made a subdomain just for him, because I could never remember his domain:


Where is ___?

Some people don’t like to be known as a letter. An example is Alpe. Alpe likes to be Alpe and doesn’t like to be a letter.

Not being a letter doesn’t mean that you’re not important. It just means that you’re not a letter.

When A -> B, B does not necessarily -> A.