Chaos and Order

by See-ming Lee
Input and Output
Chaos and Order, Input and Output


1/ Chaos and Order, Input and Output.

2/ Input is always messy and chaotic. Output can be tidy and orderly.

3/ The artworks that you see at the museums and galleries — they’re the output. The artworks that you see at the artist studios — they’re the input.

4/ This is the main reason why I prefer going to open studios — talking to artists and seeing the artworks where they’re being made.

5/ When you can see how and why something is made, you’d be able to understand the works better. If instead you only look at the result, it has no beginning.

6/ The art in artworks is the process. The result of the process is often simply an artifact of the process. Sometimes it says something about the process, but often it’s not the most important piece of the process.

7/ Chaos is sometimes unavoidable if you do what I do. I usually don’t show my chaos to anyone. But if we’re really good friends, and I know that you don’t care about it, then you’re welcome to come see my chaos anytime. It’s really chaotic. #crazyisgood

8/ I do have the capacity to clean it up — but it’s the worst use of my time. It could take a week to clean it up, and likely only a day to turn it back into chaos. My time is better spent doing actual things that matter.

9/ One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. — Friedrich Nietzsche