Crazy is Good

by See-ming Lee
The best things in life are not average.

The scientific definition of “abnormal” is that you are not average — or, put in another way, “normal” is simply statistically average. I don’t care that people think that I’m crazy or weird — because being the most averaged in life is the exact opposite of my aspiration and life goals.


Background about the domain

I tend to buy domain names to actualize ideas. I have lots of ideas stuck in my brain, and when something is important to me, I buy domain names for them. Eventually, once I have time to realize these ideas, I’d build an actual website for it. I tried some ideas for this site but never fully realized it, so now it just reverts back to my personal site. (But something is coming… I have an idea of what I will be doing for it for 2024 — wait for it!)

Most of the domains made up with actual words were take already taken or parked. So I had this idea of using phrases instead of words — because why not? A brand name often comes with a tag line, so why not use a tag line as the brand name, which double as a tag line, and a domain name that‘s easy to get. I bought around the same time, but I gave it up a long time ago. It’s just too long.

I bought in 2007. I know the exact date time because whois gave me the info:


Ironically, these are highly auspicious numbers according to the Chinese — but of course it just happened randomly because it’s literally the time I hit the Enter button, and the machine just registered it. That it happens with such pretty numbers were completely coincidental.

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