Highest Mountain - SML Baroque Symphonic Electronica

by See-ming Lee
Remix of Robert G feat. Kate Lesing.

Writing original string quartets using counterpoint techniques, and then overlaying them on top of commercial dance vocals is something that I do.

I mostly got these voice stems from DJ competitions.

I usually think of the core ideas that I want to write about, and then write the counterpoints after the core ideas.

Although technically a remix, nothing in my symphonic parts came from the original track.

Usually I just wrote these freehand on a MIDI keyboard as tracks into Ableton Live, and then mixing the vocals back as separate layers, blending everything back together after tweaking various audio parameters.

I took a class in music composition at Yale, but I don’t have other formal training in audio engineering.

Just like everything else that I do, I learn it from doing.

I know that it’s very random, but crazyisgood!

  • Highest Mountain, Robert G feat. Kate Lesing
  • SML Baroque Symphonic Electronica Remix
  • Music: 2009-12-27
  • Animation: 2024-02-17