Happy New Year 2024

by See-ming Lee
Creativity and wisdom

Happy new year — May the new year empower you to envision endless creative solutions for the challenges ahead, and bring forth opportunities to embrace all the wonders life has to offer. Have a blessed 2024!

Juhan Sonin reminded me a few weeks ago that it‘s important to constantly remind ourselves of this. In his words as a comment on my Instagram:

I hear you. I fight the same battle… feeling like, “how the hell do I fight for/against this?”… against overwhelming force. But this is where “dont give up” needs to be periodically injected… to help us push. Spot on.

That’s why I made the decision to post a new iteration today, even though it may seem like something I just shared recently. It serves as a reminder to myself as we begin 2024. There’s only a very minor adjustment from the version posted in November. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t notice a difference. What matters is that I’ve iterated over it and know precisely what modifications I’ve made.

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