Learn to say no

by See-ming Lee
Say no to things which are unrealistic.

Say no to things which are unrealistic.

I have a tendency to over-commit. In the past when clients asked me if I can do something within an unrealistically short period of time, I used to agree to them and as a result also drove myself to death—literally. The stress was so high that I had contemplated killing myself.

The crazy thing was that since I was a perfectionist then, I decided to postpone suicide because I could not see myself having a tomb with something like “SML, the one who did not finish an XYZ project.” I also considered the possibility that no one would show up to my funeral because I somehow messed up their project. Yes I know that this is all very funny but somehow crazies have their crazy ways to cope with life.

These days I just say no. I tell people to go find someone else for things which I think will kill me. Interestingly they usually stay with me because usually when I was given unrealistic requests like that it was because they could not find any humans to do it and I am usually their last hope.

Wishful thinking is a common attribute among humans. Humans are just weird.

This is an excerpt from a longer blog about Perfection.