Random Guy

by See-ming Lee
A crazyisgood story.

1. Random Guy

I met a “Random Guy” on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. The whole thing is extremely random.

This is what happened.

2. LinkedIn

I saw a “trending post” on LinkedIn. It was very random. It literally said “It’s Friday.” And some very random interactions — something you would never see from corporate accounts.

3. Supercell

I assumed that it was managed by a social media manager — just an exceptionally witty one. So I asked who it is — my philosophy in life is that it never hurts to ask.

4. Alexander Patouchas

This guy sent me a connection request, and told me he’s the one who writes for the Supercell account. His title is “Random guy”. LOL.

Source: LinkedIn: Alexander Patouchas

5. CV

I have no idea what he does. It’s quite possibly some of the most brilliant copy that I have read though. Genius. Crazyisgood. Like seriously WTF LOL.

Source: LinkedIn: Alexander Patouchas

6. About

This whole “About” section is brief. Sure, Random Guy, I will entertain you. I went to this site. Some very good photography about “nothingness” but actually very good — it has a lot of “real” that I found that’s lost in modern photography — you know, the over editorialized and over art directed stuff. Random Guy’s photo is none of that. I appreciate that.

Source: LinkedIn: Alexander Patouchas

7. alexanderaristoteles.com

This spam sign up is genius. Seriously WTF LOL. I mean, if I find myself saying “seriously wtf lol” literally out loud at the screen while browsing, it is good. I’m rarely entertained.


8. Twitter

Since connecting on LinkedIn, we’ve had some interactions. He would comment on the random things I post that no one else would like. I appreciate that! And one day, this happened. I suspect that it’s him. I appreciate that!

9. Supercell

To give some better context to people who don’t know what Supercell is. It’s a mobile game company based in Finland. According to Wikipedia, in 2021, they had €1.89 billion revenue and €734 million operating income.


10. To be continued

I still have no idea what Alexander Patouchas does. In some ways, I know that I probably can find out if I just ask any Supercell employee, but I feel like that would remove all the fun — puzzles are fun because of the unknown.

Some of the people I like the most — many of my BFFs — are people who are undefinable. All I know is that they’re fun and absolutely insane, which is great, coz crazyisgood.

Until then, I’m very happy with our random interactions. A total mystery — a bit like the mysterious trips that P, one of my very best BFFs, would take without ever telling me why.