SML x BAI - From IG to IRL

by See-ming Lee
From social media to real life.

Art + Technology

I have been doing some R+D (research and development) that lies in the intersection of art and technology.

To be a Renaissance Man was my childhood aspiration — something I’ve worked towards for my entire life.

Anonymous Identity

In order to explore in peace and be freed from the judgment and opinions from my peers who might not fully understand my goals, I created an anonymous identity to post my explorations.


On Instagram, my anonymous account grew from 0 to 10k followers in 6 months. It enabled me to have dialogs with people who love the work, as well as making new friends who appreciate the work without the expectations and baggage that come with the SML identity.

Knowledge Sharing

During this journey, I have met another person who has created an anonymous brand for a similar reason that I did. We talked almost every day, sharing our works, workflows, and knowledge with each other.

Leap of Faith

As our friendship grew, I took a leap of faith and told him who I am IRL (in real life). I didn’t need to know who he is, but I thought that if he knew who I am then it would help understand some things better.

It so happens that he is visiting Hong Kong — and we finally met each other.

Social Media

Social media has always been a place for me to meet new friends — from the days where I met a lifelong friend from delicious (the social bookmarking site), to now, where both of us existed purely because of the mutual appreciations for each other’s works.

Thank you

It’s incredibly thrilling to be able to experience this. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.