SML Identity

by See-ming Lee
If you understand the metaphors behind my logo, then you’ll know who I am.

1/ Identity

My identity, SML, was designed in 2007. It took me three months to arrive at the final solution.

The logo is constructed using three circles. Small, medium, and large.

The circles serve as a mnemonic device with their three different sizes. However, they hold a much deeper meaning beyond just aiding memory.

3/ Circles.

  1. Inner Circle. Who I am. Self. Inner self. The private view.
  2. Middle Circle. Transformation layer. Through which.
  3. Outer Circle. How the world perceives me. Outer self. The public view.

4/ Colors have meanings in the SML Universe.

  • Magenta. Design. Creativity, Ideas, Concepts.
  • Yellow. Technology. Magic, Mutation, Transformation.
  • Cyan. Marketing Strategy. Communication.

5/ Synergy.

Wielding design and technology together is a methodology and philosophy unique to me.

Business. When you incorporate strategy into the equation to craft a solution, it’s all about synergy. It’s the essence of how I work and the very way I live my life.

6/ My identity expressed in English.

I’m SML, and design is my essence. Leveraging the power of technology, I bring my ideas to life as impactful marketing solutions.

7/ My identity expressed in SML Math Notation.

Synergy = Design + Technology + Marketing Strategy

8/ Domains.