SML + Lilac Kamiya

by See-ming Lee
Friendship over 30 years

Do you know what rarity is? Rarity is finding that one friend that you kept in touch with after knowing each other for more than 30 years.

Lilac is someone I know from high school. High school was not a very pleasant time for me. I’ve gone through so much ___ that I no longer want to talk about.

But within all the ___ memories, there was this kind soul who’s so understanding — who despite all the insanity and madness around me, has always been there for me.

Some weird af memories that’s absolutely insane to realize:

  • We used to do theater together. I wrote an English play about some weird thing. It won some competition (I think? LOL) And we played it at Sheung Wan Civic Centre. (1993?)
  • I had to emcee for that thing and they gave me makeup. I realized why people wear makeup — omg I want that skin forever (LOL).
  • I left Hong Kong in 1995 and didn’t keep in touch with any of the people in Hong Kong, but I occasionally talk to Lilac because she would comment on my posts.
  • I came back to Hong Kong in 2012 and we met for coffee.
  • We kept in touch somewhat, off and on, on social media. We got together in 2024.

I know Lilac for more than 30 years — but she looks the same to me as she did 30 years ago. Because I saw the beautiful mind inside.

When you really know someone, you know their inner self — that inner self never changes.


I decided to make a collage coz clearly she liked one photo and I liked the other (LOL) — so collage it is. If you look into the source photos, it’s easy to see why. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the spirit within.

SML + Lilac Kamiya
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