Try everything once.

by See-ming Lee

You won’t know what the outcome is unless you try it. Don’t blindly believe constructs and opinions because it seems to be what’s working for everyone else.

If you’re different, then what works for others will likely not work for you. You’re the only one who knows what’s best for you. Try out ideas even if it sounds crazy.

You’ll never know if something could work unless you try. Often, as I have learned, even the craziest ideas could work.

But for you to even see that it could work, you must first have the courage to try it.

Comment from Dad

I don’t think my dad realizes how much I appreciate his feedback. I’m also glad that he now uses social media and would write me such thoughtful comments.

Side note: now you know where those nerd genes came from. The kids from Clash Royale always said that I am super “serious” and “write like a bot” — clearly, they have not seen how my dad writes and talks. I think that comparatively I am fairly human. Fight me.

That’s really important. This is where statistics and mathematics differ. That is also where inductive and deductive methods differ. What works for others may not work for you. Law of large numbers has limitation.

— KHL, Dad